Who we are

SomaLab is a laboratory that develops and implements creative strategies, promoting innovation and collaboration within companies, associations and cultural spaces.

A team specializing in Service, Graphic and Product Design, Facilitation and Creative Processes.

inside out

It is in collaboration that we see the sum, something that arises from social metamorphosis.

  • We implement innovation actions by defining a strategy with concrete objectives.
  • We develop participatory Action Plans that involve the community in building solutions.
  • We hold workshops to contribute to ideas and businesses using creative tools.
  • We enable internal teams to find innovation in their internal processes through experimentation, error and learning.
  • We facilitate spaces for collective and creative construction within a network or organization.

Angela Ferreira

Graphic designer and strategist

Curious, dynamic and ambitious. More than creativity, I believe that empathy, necessity and logic drive the work of a designer and strategist. I work on projects with a positive and inclusive social purpose, applying the idea of Design for Social Impact.

Degree in Communication Design, Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre (2019)
Master’s Degree in Design Management, IADE – European University (2022)

Bhya Sugai

Graphic designer, artist and facilitator of creative processes

I believe that creativity is driven by exchange. I have been facilitating creative processes to graphically and artistically materialize interdisciplinary projects through Participatory Design and Design Thinking since 2016. Artist and New Craftswoman.

Degree in Graphic Design from PUC-Rio (2018)
Master’s Degree in Design Management from IADE – European University (2022)

Felipe Salazar

Strategic designer and facilitator of innovation processes

In recent years, he has been developing art and technology projects based on human-centered design using Service Design, UX and agile methodologies. A personal motto: “Learning is based on challenges.”

Degree in Digital Media Design from PUC-Rio (2017)
Master’s Degree in Multimedia Art – Interactive Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon (2022)

Gabriela Ornellas

Web designer and facilitator of innovation processes

My goal in life is to always be exploring creatively. Getting involved in different projects, listening to new ideas and working in multidisciplinary areas are vital drivers. At 26 I developed within the world of technology, having my own real estate startup, developing websites and platforms and even working at major technology events.

Degree in Digital Media Design from PUC-Rio (2017)
Master’s Degree in Multimedia in Culture and Arts, University of Porto (2020)